We are the Lights: All those who are members of the New Creation World are known as « Lights ». This is because they know the Gospel and they make others to see the light of the Gospel.

Slogan : AFLAME FOR THE GOSPEL ; it means we have seen the truth and we are zealous to make the world see what we have seen, for we are convinced that it’s the desire of our King (JESUS) to make everyone know the truth.

new creation world overseer.jpeg

Jonathan OKOROAFOR is a Pastor-Teacher with an apostolic mandate. He has been serving as a pastor for more than two decades during which he impacted many lives through his sound and profound teaching of the Gospel of the Grace of God in Christ and New Creation Realities. He is a television host, radio presenter with some books and CDs to his credit.


He has the burden to empower believers of ALL DENOMINATIONS in the Body of Christ with the Gospel Truth. His target is to Perfect them in Christ, to conquer the bondage of religion and reign with Christ according to the Word of God (Rom 5:17).


He is the founder of the NEW CREATION WORLD and all its departments.


To build Christ in men: to bring them to the stature of the fullness of Christ; we present the finished work of Christ and how the new creation can live in its reality.


Building Christ in men by the sincere presentation of the Gospel truth.


The New Creation World community is a sweet family and a home for believers who desire to grow in the knowledge of Christ. We exist to build Christ in men by the sincere and persistent presentation of the undiluted Gospel truth. We help you discover yourself in Christ and also discover your gift. We equip you for the work of the Ministry. We have trained pastors who are graduates of LOLSOM and they are there to help you in your spiritual journey.